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Sales Reps:
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Ultrasonic Welding Systems
and Replacement Tooling

Since the founding of Tech-Sonic in 1996, we have been a global leader in the field of Ultrasonic Metal Welding. Today, the company is solely engaged in the development, manufacture and global distribution of ultrasonic metal welding machines and replacement tooling for those machines.

Ultrasonic welding of metals is a “cold-welding” process that is commonly used to join similar and dissimilar nonferrous metals. The process results in high quality welds with excellent conductivity and strength. Results are consistently repeatable, efficient and cost effective.

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Applications

For an overview of our ultrasonic welding solutions or to identify the right welder for your application, click here.

Purchase, lease or rent our industrial equipment to accomplish your job on time, within budget and with superior quality. We also provide high quality, economical replacement ultrasonic tooling, such as horns, anvils and fixtures for our welding machines and for those of other companies. All tooling is manufactured to OEM specifications.

Explore the possibilities of ultrasonic welding technology with Tech-Sonic. E-mail or call us with your questions about your process and application. We also offer ultrasonic weld testing of your materials to determine the optimal solution for your application. Request a Quote/Welding Test

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